And False Fire

AND FALSE FIRE was established with the aim to publish poetry pamphlets that exist as uniquely beautiful objects within the world, yet are still accessible as texts long after the limited run has sold out. This limited run also helps to ensure our contributors are financially supported, with 50% of each sale being paid to them.

Gloria Dawson  //  hurricane / orison
[28 pp.  //  saddle-stitched  //  run of 50]


UK: £5 (incl. P&P)
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EU: £5.50 (incl. P&P)
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Kyle Lovell  //  In the Debt of Love
[28 pp.  //  saddle-stitched  //  run of 50 ]

[Free PDF Edition  //  In the Debt of Love]

To purchase a copy of In the Debt of Love, we kindly ask that you donate £4 to the Poet’s Hardship Fund, then send the dontation receipt and postal address to “fathomsun [at] gmail [dot] com”. Alternatively, if you have a monthly donation to the PHF set up or cannot afford to donate, please contact us and we shall ensure that a copy gets sent your way.

Aaron Kent // Perfectly Reasonable Justifications for Nuclear Apocalypse

[20 pp.  //  hand-bound  // variant covers  //  run of 30]

Bound in two variant cover designs, Aaron Kent’s Perfectly Reasonable Justification for Nuclear Apocalypse is a reckoning, ‘a prayer in silence’ to the ethical difficulties of raising a family in the 21st century. Treading a tightrope of generosity and anxiety, these poems are entrenched with a religious materiality that verges on the baroque, all the while keeping their language taut to the point of wiry frission.

Tom Snarsky // Two Songs

[16 pp.  //  hand-bound  //  run of 20]
[Free PDF Edition  //  Two Songs – Tom Snarsky]

Woven together with the attentive earnestness of a music afficiando flicking through their vinyl collection, this pamphlet from Tom Snarsky is composed of two ‘sides’: October (1994) and All Partial Evil. Considering the nature of time, the early days of AIM usernames, and the ‘great poetry farm in the sky’, this pamphlet is a generous tribute to all the late nights spent listening to music in childhood bedrooms.

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