And False Fire

AND FALSE FIRE was established with the aim to publish poetry pamphlets that exist as uniquely beautiful objects within the world, yet are still accessible as texts long after the limited run has sold out. 

Printed, aligned, and hand-bound by the editor, no two pamphlets are alike. Each pamphlet bears the distinctive marks (and occasional flaws) of creating these objects in the off-cuts of hours, whether that be the faint imprint of printer ink at the edges of a page, or the gently worn corner of a cover. Each of these pamphlets are made with care, and we hope this care continues to find itself embodied as these poems are read, or lent, or gifted, or forgotten, or fall apart. 

Tom Snarsky // Two Songs

[16 pp. + hand-bound + editions of 11:9]
[UK: £3.50 + ROTW: £4.50/$6]
[Free PDF Edition // Two Songs – Tom Snarsky]

The first wave of Two Songs has sold out. Please do not place any orders until the second wave is released in December.

Woven together with the attentive earnestness of a music afficiando flicking through their vinyl collection, this pamphlet from Tom Snarsky is composed of two ‘sides’: October (1994) and All Partial Evil. Considering the nature of time, the early days of AIM usernames, and the ‘great poetry farm in the sky’, this pamphlet is a generous tribute to all the late nights spent listening to music in childhood bedrooms.

Due to the limited number of copies, we ask that you email us ‘fathomsun [at] gmail [dot] com’ to purchase a copy of Two Songs. All prices include postage.

Please note: Due to complications relating to the lockdown that England has recently imposed, we are releasing Two Songs in two waves. The first eleven copies are avaliable for purchase at present, while the remaining nine copies will be avaliable in mid-December. The PDF edition of Two Songs will be freely avaliable to all once the first wave has sold.


Forthcoming Pamphlets

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