Pomes and Joys

Composed of original work from eleven authors, Pomes & Joys is a hybrid anthology that celebrates the poetry work of Anna Mendelssohn (1948 – 2009).

Known as an avant-garde poet, a painter, and a former poltical activist, Anna Mendelssohn did not show much interest in publishing her work during her lifetime. In spite of this, her poetry had found an attentive audience among the experimental poets of East Anglia since the late 1980s. Since then, that audience has quietly grown, up to the point that an archive of her materials was established at the University of Sussex in 2015. Two years later, the first symposium on Mendelssohn was held at the same university.

It was upon this rising wave of interest that the anthology first took shape. We hoped to bring together numerous friends, acquaintances, and strangers in this publication, all under the banner of having been influenced by Anna Mendelssohn’s poetry. Pomes & Joys is the result of that project, and we could not be any happier with the result. This diverse collection of work is testament to a remarkable poet and the resounding impression her work has left upon its readers. It’s a shared celebration of the poet’s resolute belief in art’s freedom to resist against the structural forms that seek to oppress it. At its heart, it is a small offering of pomes and joys to the memory of Anna Mendelssohn.

Featuring poetry from Charlie Baylis, Stephen Emmerson, Callie Gardner, Paul Hawkins, Linda Kemp, Tom Snarsky, Vicky Sparrow, and Florence Uniacke. It also includes essays from Sara Crangle, Joey Frances, and Lotte L.S..

Published on 18th May 2020
PDF (Digital purchase only) // 45 pp. // £2.50
All proceeds from the sale of the PDF are donated to the Estate of Anna Mendelssohn

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