So You Think…

So You Think You’re In Love With Jennifer

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A collection of love poems from Sarah Cave, Kyle Lovell, and Lenni Sanders, inspired by Jens Lekman’s song, ‘Become Someone Else’s‘.

Exploring misplaced desire, commitment, fictions, and all that’s left unspoken in-between the cracks of a relationship, this is a pamphlet for all those who think they’re in love with Jennifer.

Note! After unforeseen issues with the printing stock, we decided to stop all sale of the remaining print copies of ‘So You Think You’re in Love With Jennifer‘. Instead, we sent you a PDF copy of the pamphlet for £1, and all proceeds of that purchase was donated to Medecins Sans Frontier.

Published in January 2019.
PDF // 12 Pages // Free
All proceeds have donated to Médecins Sans Frontières.

So You Think – Proof