Tenebrae: A Journal of Poetics

(Open until 15th September)

Submissions are currently open for the second issue of Tenebrae, so please send all joyful things over our way. We are particularly interested in work that explores the nature of interpretation, dialogue, and artifice.

Essays, Reviews & Correspondence: We ask that you submit up to a maximum of two works, with each piece being a maximum of 2500 words.

Poetry: We ask that you submit up to a maximum of five poems. There are no line limits.

So You Think You’re In Love With Jennifer

(Open until 30th September)

We are currently accepting submissions of poetry (max. of five) for our debut pamphlet, ‘So You Think You’re In Love with Jennifer’.

Inspired by the song Become Someone Else’s by Swedish singer Jens Lekman, we are interested in poems that explore the intricacies of commitment, one-night stands, misplaced desire, and all that’s left unspoken between the cracks of a relationship.

This pamphlet will be printed in a limited edition run, with a free PDF available shortly after publication.


General guidelines

  • Please send all work to ‘’
  • Kindly submit all work with the relevant publication and what kind of work you are submitting in the header, eg, ‘Tenebrae – Poetry Submission’.
  • Please submit your work as a .doc, .docx, or .odt file.
  • We aim to respond to all submissions within 14 days. If we have not responded to your submission within that time, please feel free to contact us in regards to it.
  • Due to limited funds, we are deeply sorry that we cannot offer payment for accepted submissions at the present time. However, all contributors shall receive a copy of the publication, alongside our eternal gratitude and support.