Summertime Social

Sonnets for Hooch: Summertime Social
Mau Baiocco // Kyle Lovell // Maria Sledmere
[100 pp. // A5 // Perfect-bound // Run of 100 ]

Sonnets for Hooch: Summertime Social is the sophomore offering of a four-part pamphlet series of sonnets attuned to the weirding seasons. Structured around 22 intervals of the day and its explosion, from golden hour to gloaming, breakfast to millennium, this bumper book of sonnets is full of clandestine snacks and wavy moments. In celebration of wasting time, biting into the lemon of attention and trading intimacies, this is a long, sweet hit of lilac to whet your utopian appetite. An ‘affordable metaphysics of care’ imagined at the scale of the world as ‘a dream governable / by beginning’, ‘a rare green / species of hooch’ and ‘this hypersonnet’ of ‘a lifetime on tape’. The poets of Summertime Social find comradeship in IDM producers, dedications to friends, calorific density and dreamwork; the brevity of the sonnet form affords ‘a sun net cutting over unfinished’. You want to ask, where does the sun set on the internet? What does it mean to be ‘rat ascendant’”? Here on the ‘skylark octave’, the hooch poets have really come into their own.

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Lemon Bloom Season and Summertime Social
2 Book Bundle

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Praise for Summertime Social

Three poets went into the woods directly after lunch, or was it the hour they call witching, or most literary that twilight which is time itself. The first dandelion sonnets in bloom, the yellow celandines of yesteryear in full flourish. The buds of hooch spirit rising like pale corn, as if to be harvested in the leap of life, the wide open door. Will you have this glass of lemon brew, spiked with what is desire itself, a mock sort of shyness, sweeter than young love in summer. Drink up. 

— D. H. Lawrence, author of Lady Chatterley’s Lover

I know I’m more Lana than Lana, but this is more Hooch than HOOCH!!!!!!!!!!

— Elizabeth Lemonade, Melancholy Consultant at SMOOCH™