Lemon Bloom Season

Sonnets for Hooch: Lemon Bloom Season
Mau Baiocco // Kyle Lovell // Maria Sledmere
[56 pp. // A5 // Perfect-bound // Run of 100 ]

Sonnets for Hooch: Lemon Bloom Season is the first of a four-part pamphlet series which writes sonnets attuned to the weirding seasons. What started as an internet joke about alcopops and longing became a keystone for exploring adolescent malaise, nostalgia and resilience, the politics of civic space and moments of euphoria and friendship amidst the daily grind of crisis. And why not use the form of the sonnet, little song, to riff on all this, given that we wanted to make poetry ~pop again? Lemon Bloom Season is a collaboration between emergent and established small UK poetry presses (Mermaid Motel, Rat Press, Fathomsun Press) and three writers whose work intersects with a post-internet, hyperpop and sweet-sour neon flavour, dressed up in fancy lyric garms.

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Lemon Bloom Season and Summertime Social
2 Book Bundle

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NOTE: Please contact us at ‘fathomsun [at] gmail [dot] com’ if you would like to purchase multiple copies, or for it to be sent outside of the EU.

Praise for Lemon Bloom Season

Like a liquid prisoner pent in glass, I once thought the sum total of human ingenuity was Fanta Grape. And then I read this collection, the perfect expression of what it means to write your poems in the mouths of your friends (as I think Derrida said). You know the part of a poem that stays at the bottom of the bottle, collects as crystallising residue? If you read these poems out loud for long enough, the sounds train your tongue to flicker in there like a lizard and the why of the world just fizzes and melts.

– Colin Herd, author of You Name It (Dostoyevsky Wannabe, 2019)

Of all sciences, is our Hooch poet found at the highest. For they doth not only show the way, but giveth so sweet a prospect into the way as will entice any person to enter into it; nay, they doth as if your journey should lie through a fair orchard—at the very first give you a cluster of lemons that, full of that taste, you may long to pass further.

– Sir Philip Sidney, author of An Apology for Poetry

When put to our focus group, seven out of nine consumers agreed that the tasting notes for Lemon Bloom Season were long, smooth, and ‘distinctively yellow in its language’. One consumer attempted to quote Roland Barthes. Another consumer attempted to put forward a new theory of ‘Bitter Poetics’, before being given some more Lemon Bloom Season sonnets. Everyone was glad.

– Philomena Zest, SMOOCH™ CEO